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Swimming and its Effects on Weight Loss

swimming-for-weight-lossSwimming is normally seen as an amusement activity. But swimming has lot of benefits associated with a person’s health. It is not just limited or comparable to bathing or cleaning your body. In this article we will find out how swimming helps in weight loss.

Swimming is equivalent to exercise with entertainment. You would hardly find any swimmer in the world who is obese. Since people are now looking to loose weight with least possible discomfort, swimming has come up as the perfect choice for them. Aqua-aerobics not only helps in losing extra pounds from your body rather it also allows a person to get a toned body.

During the process of swimming, a person moves his body to move forward in water. This movement requires energy which in turn burns your calories, thereby affecting weight. Almost all major muscles of your body get exercised during the process of swimming. In areas of the world where tap water connectivity or any other in-house water supply has not reached yet, people go to nearby ponds, lakes and river for getting drinking water and bathing. In such areas, almost all people know swimming and their physique is also well built.

Swimming also has many associated benefits like it has positive effects on heart and lungs. People who do swimming regularly are less affected by allergic problems as well. They do not get cough and cold fast. On technical level, swimming has four important strokes which are freestyle, the breaststroke, the backstroke and the butterfly. However, you do not need to get into these technicalities as we are concerned with its effect on weight loss not on swimming competition.

Swimming helps in providing a constant exercise to the body as a person battles against the water in order to move forward. This helps in increasing the strength of the body and especially makes the upper body more fit. Swimming also helps in increasing the flexibility of the body. It is also very effective in improving the flexibility of joints and muscles. Depending on the weight of a person and the exertion level, a person can burn around ninety to five-hundred calories in around thirty minutes with swimming.

However, one major concern with swimming today is that many of the natural bodies of water like lakes, river have become polluted, so swimming in such water bodies may lead to skin problems. In this case, it is better to join a swimming club as the water used in swimming pool is mostly tested for suitability. Some people who may not have ever done swimming may feel a bit of hesitation to get started, but once you start swimming you will find that it is a joyful and pleasurable exercise for your body.

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