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Can Cucumbers Aid in Weight Loss?

cucumber weight lossVegetables and fruits including cucumbers, are not only good for health of a person but are also effective for weight loss. Cucumbers contain essential nutrients like Vitamin K and Vitamin C. They also have certain nutritional properties which are great for loosing weight. In many East Asian countries, they are usually served plain as a salad. Cucumbers contain carbs and they help in shredding off the extra pounds which a person has gained over the years.

Weight Loss Advantages of Cucumber

For a person trying to loose weight, he should include cucumbers in his diet as they are low in calories. One cup of sliced cucumbers has around fourteen calories, which is very less in comparison to the most of other foods, therefore it aids in weight loss. Since cucumbers are easy to digest, hence there is no risk even if a person takes it in excess. It is a low density and high fiber food. Cucumbers help in making a person feel fuller faster, hence a person eating cucumber will thereby eat less food than usual which will aid in weight loss.

Nutritional Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers not only aid in weight loss but they also keep the digestion smooth. Vitamin K which is an essential nutrient required for blood clotting is naturally present in unpeeled cucumber. Out of all nutrients present in Cucumber, Vitamin C constitutes 7 percent. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps in supporting the collagen production and keeps the bones, hair and the skin strong and beautiful. Cucumbers are contain phytonutrient compounds. Phytonutrient compounds are plant basedcompounds which help in providing the antioxidant benefits to our body. Cucumber seeds are known to fight constipation. These advantages when combined helps in weight lo ss and also nourish the body with nutritious elements. Cucumber helps a person to feel energized, thereby allowing him to lead a very active and healthy life.

Cucumber as Salad

Cucumbers can be used as a salad base for weight loss. Since cucumbers are low in calories, therefore eating them before the meals will help in making a person eat less food. If eating plain Cucumber doesn’t taste nice for you, you can also try the mixture of chopped cucumbers, fresh basil, tomatoes and lemon juice in order to make a tasty and low fat salad.

Cucumber as a Beverage

When a person is dieting, it is good to limit the calorie intake through liquids as well. Sugary drinks are responsible for adding up extra calories. Cucumbers can be used for making healthy beverages for weight loss. Instead of consuming sugary drinks, drinking cucumber beverages are much better.

Thus eating Cucumbers provide numerous health benefits including weight loss. So next time, when you take your meal, make sure to include some Cucumbers in it in any form like salad or beverage.

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