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    Tips to Speed up Your Metabolism

    Slow metabolism is becoming a problem for many people across the world. Various reasons can be attributed to it,  but there are certain tips and methods by following which one can enhance the metabolism rate. We list below certain tips and precautions for enhancing metabolism:

    1) Cut down sugar intake

    Even though sugar is essential for providing energy to the body, but you won’t feel full by intake of any number of sugary beverages because they do not work the same way as the food. Further, it is now found that unprocessed fructose in the body causes belly fat and liver fat which have a negative effect on our metabolism. Our body has limited capacity to metabolize fructose and any amount above the limit gets accumulated as fat in our bodies. So, we must keep a check on our sugar intake through foods and beverages. It will be best to just avoid all commercial sugar-containing beverages and foods, but if one is unable to do so, then the second best option is to reduce its intake.

    2) Workout

    Many people simply hate the idea of doing workouts because they do not want to do any uncomfortable physical work. However, it is important to know that not all workouts are equally tiring. There are simple workouts too which can be done at home with ease. Workouts improve our blood circulation and metabolism. You can go to Youtube and search and select workouts which you find convenient as per your needs.

    3) Eat spices

    Some spices are known to increase our metabolism and they also contain various antibiotic properties. In many Eastern countries, spices are a part of the daily food. Spices like ginger, turmeric and black pepper have a positive effect on digestion and metabolism.

    4) Get the right amount of sleep

    If you don’t take the required sleep of 7-8 hours, then you are inviting hormonal imbalance in your body. Not only sleep deprivation but also over-sleeping is detrimental to your body. Laziness, fatigue and poor digestion are few of the early disorders arising from irregular or improper sleep pattern. In the long run, sleep-related problems can also lead to mental disorders. If you want the right metabolism, then sound and proper sleep is a must.

    By keeping the above points in mind, you can make the necessary changes so as to improve your body metabolism. If you have any other suggestions related to this article or if you would like to add your feedback, then please leave your comments below.

  • Weight Loss Ways

    Can Cucumbers Aid in Weight Loss?

    cucumber weight lossVegetables and fruits including cucumbers, are not only good for health of a person but are also effective for weight loss. Cucumbers contain essential nutrients like Vitamin K and Vitamin C. They also have certain nutritional properties which are great for loosing weight. In many East Asian countries, they are usually served plain as a salad. Cucumbers contain carbs and they help in shredding off the extra pounds which a person has gained over the years.

    Weight Loss Advantages of Cucumber

    For a person trying to loose weight, he should include cucumbers in his diet as they are low in calories. One cup of sliced cucumbers has around fourteen calories, which is very less in comparison to the most of other foods, therefore it aids in weight loss. Since cucumbers are easy to digest, hence there is no risk even if a person takes it in excess. It is a low density and high fiber food. Cucumbers help in making a person feel fuller faster, hence a person eating cucumber will thereby eat less food than usual which will aid in weight loss.

    Nutritional Benefits of Cucumber

    Cucumbers not only aid in weight loss but they also keep the digestion smooth. Vitamin K which is an essential nutrient required for blood clotting is naturally present in unpeeled cucumber. Out of all nutrients present in Cucumber, Vitamin C constitutes 7 percent. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps in supporting the collagen production and keeps the bones, hair and the skin strong and beautiful. Cucumbers are contain phytonutrient compounds. Phytonutrient compounds are plant basedcompounds which help in providing the antioxidant benefits to our body. Cucumber seeds are known to fight constipation. These advantages when combined helps in weight lo ss and also nourish the body with nutritious elements. Cucumber helps a person to feel energized, thereby allowing him to lead a very active and healthy life.

    Cucumber as Salad

    Cucumbers can be used as a salad base for weight loss. Since cucumbers are low in calories, therefore eating them before the meals will help in making a person eat less food. If eating plain Cucumber doesn’t taste nice for you, you can also try the mixture of chopped cucumbers, fresh basil, tomatoes and lemon juice in order to make a tasty and low fat salad.

    Cucumber as a Beverage

    When a person is dieting, it is good to limit the calorie intake through liquids as well. Sugary drinks are responsible for adding up extra calories. Cucumbers can be used for making healthy beverages for weight loss. Instead of consuming sugary drinks, drinking cucumber beverages are much better.

    Thus eating Cucumbers provide numerous health benefits including weight loss. So next time, when you take your meal, make sure to include some Cucumbers in it in any form like salad or beverage.

  • Weight Loss Ways

    Usefulness of Yoga for Weight Loss

    yoga for weight lossYoga is an ancient form of exercise which helps in balancing the mind and body of a person. Since ages, it has been considered a part of daily life in many traditions until this practice got disrupted. However, the importance of yoga is now again gaining momentum all over the world. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means the union of individual consciousness along with the consciousness of entire universe.

    Yoga is a science. Yoga is not just associated with the physical fitness of a person, rather it affects the mind and energy body of a person too. If yoga is accepted as part of the daily routine, a person can easily feel the difference in his life. Yoga is also very effective for people who are overweight and are interested to get rid of body fat. Overweight people face many health problems like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure etc.

    People are becoming more and more cautious about their health and fitness because problems related with obesity are increasing due to various factors like fast food, stress, hectic lifestyle etc. There are also chances of the metabolic disorders like diabetes, cancer, and many more diseases. People have started giving more priority to their health and have started following various kinds of diet plans along with exercising.

    Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga is extremely effective when compared to diet plans and other random exercises. Before we talk about weight loss, it is necessary to understand the reasons as to why a person gains fat in the first place. Some common reasons are lack of physical work, intake of more salty and fried foods, uneven sleep, hormonal imbalance etc. Yoga associates different kinds of breathing practices which are easy to do for any common person. These practices are aimed to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate the internal organs and the functions that they perform.

    Breathing exercises along with yoga pose helps to increase the heart rate and the metabolism of a person. So yoga has effect on both the outer and inner well being of a person. Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility of body and also keeps joints and bones strong. Yoga also effects the hormonal functioning of body and thus creates balance in hormone circulation.

    Types of Yoga that Should Be Done for Weight Loss

    1) Surya Namaskar: Surya Namaskar is a very popular asana which is widely talked about in yogic texts. Surya Namaskar is literally translated as salutation to Sun God.

    This asan contains a series of twelve poses of yoga together, which are focused on various parts of the body. This asana is great for the body because of all the poses that it involves. Since it is difficult to make a person understand all the 12 yoga poses of surya namaskar in words, hence it would be better if a person watches it on Youtube.

    2) The Warrior Pose: This asana is also referred to as mountain pose. This pose works effectively on the legs, arms, thighs and back of a person. Additionally, this asana helps in improving the circulation of blood, thereby getting rid of all the toxins.

    If a person can at least spend thirty minutes daily for yoga, then he will surely observe positive changes for weight loss.