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    Swimming and its Effects on Weight Loss

    swimming-for-weight-lossSwimming is normally seen as an amusement activity. But swimming has lot of benefits associated with a person’s health. It is not just limited or comparable to bathing or cleaning your body. In this article we will find out how swimming helps in weight loss.

    Swimming is equivalent to exercise with entertainment. You would hardly find any swimmer in the world who is obese. Since people are now looking to loose weight with least possible discomfort, swimming has come up as the perfect choice for them. Aqua-aerobics not only helps in losing extra pounds from your body rather it also allows a person to get a toned body.

    During the process of swimming, a person moves his body to move forward in water. This movement requires energy which in turn burns your calories, thereby affecting weight. Almost all major muscles of your body get exercised during the process of swimming. In areas of the world where tap water connectivity or any other in-house water supply has not reached yet, people go to nearby ponds, lakes and river for getting drinking water and bathing. In such areas, almost all people know swimming and their physique is also well built.

    Swimming also has many associated benefits like it has positive effects on heart and lungs. People who do swimming regularly are less affected by allergic problems as well. They do not get cough and cold fast. On technical level, swimming has four important strokes which are freestyle, the breaststroke, the backstroke and the butterfly. However, you do not need to get into these technicalities as we are concerned with its effect on weight loss not on swimming competition.

    Swimming helps in providing a constant exercise to the body as a person battles against the water in order to move forward. This helps in increasing the strength of the body and especially makes the upper body more fit. Swimming also helps in increasing the flexibility of the body. It is also very effective in improving the flexibility of joints and muscles. Depending on the weight of a person and the exertion level, a person can burn around ninety to five-hundred calories in around thirty minutes with swimming.

    However, one major concern with swimming today is that many of the natural bodies of water like lakes, river have become polluted, so swimming in such water bodies may lead to skin problems. In this case, it is better to join a swimming club as the water used in swimming pool is mostly tested for suitability. Some people who may not have ever done swimming may feel a bit of hesitation to get started, but once you start swimming you will find that it is a joyful and pleasurable exercise for your body.

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  • Fitness Tips

    Follow These Steps to Start Losing Weight

    For any health related issue like stress control, acne treatment, blood pressure regulation, we must follow certain tips to achieve results. Similarly, one must follow a combination of methods to achieve weight control. In this article, we will be providing you with 5 simple tips which you can use for weight loss.

    1. Build a list of alternative diets

    If you pay attention to your eating habits, then you will find out that you keep on regularly eating chips, snacks and fries throughout the day. In an effort to combat such eating habits, you can come up with your own list of alternative and healthy foods which you can take between meals. To make such an alternative list of foods, you can search through YouTube videos and find out ways to prepare healthy snacks and diets for eating in-between meals.

    2. Take smaller portions

    If you take small portions of food, then your brain will be attentive about your hunger level. On the other hand, if you fill up your plate with more food, then you will eventually end up eating more than your hunger level which not only disturbs your metabolism  but also causes digestive problems.

    3. Take sufficient water

    There are various studies which show that an increased amount of salt intake leads to weight gain and many commercial packed edible products contain excess salt. Taking sufficient water is an effective way to combat the negative effects of excess sodium/salt intake in your body.  Water being a universal solvent is also able to flush out many toxins from your body. It also happens sometimes that you misinterpret your thirst level to hunger pangs and end up eating food instead of drinking water. So, you must drink little water before eating if you are confused whether you are feeling thirsty or hungry.

    4. Fight back on your schedule

    There might be times when knowingly or unknowingly you disrupt your weight loss plans. Any plan that you make in your life doesn’t happen 100% your way. Similarly, while executing your weight loss plans, some deviations are bound to occur here and there.  Therefore, instead of getting demotivated from some such deviations, it is better to revert back to your plan and follow it wholeheartedly again.

    5. Have a proper sleeping schedule

    Both little sleep and more sleep are dangerous to the body because both of them affect our hormonal system negatively. A sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours is necessary for good health and weight. If you are not able to get proper sleep, then you can opt for meditation because meditation is known to relax our nervous system.

    You can follow the tips given in this article to start your weight loss journey.  For any questions or feedback, leave your comments below.

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    Taking a Look into Some Weight Loss Myths

    weight loss mythsWhen anyone starts searching about loosing weight, then he will come across a pool of ideas from friends, family and internet. In order to gain knowledge for weight loss, they also gain misconceptions in this process. So while collecting information on weight loss methods, one must be cautious for weight loss tips to be able to identify the difference between truth and myths. Keeping away from these myths is essential to prevent any unwanted consequence.

    Stay Away From the Carbs

    During your quest for weight loss, you will get many people saying that carbohydrates must be avoided at any cost to achieve weight loss. Some people believe that carbohydrates are the main reason for gaining pounds in the body. So, when people start their weight loss journey, they cut the intake of carbohydrates from their diet. However, this is not fully true.

    There is no need to give up all kinds of carbohydrates as carbohydrates are of different kinds. The main reason for weight gain is consuming extra calories. Carbs act as fuel for the body. Quinoa, nuts, beans, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains and fruits are the rich source of carbs but they do not add weight to the body if taken in limited quantity. Abandoning carbs from your diet will invoke fatigueness in your body as a result of which your work will be effected. This fatigue can also finally lead to giving up your weight loss quest.

    Obesity Means Poor Eating Habits

    The first impression made by many on seeing an obese person is that he must be having poor eating habits. For most people, the idea of weight loss is directly related with food consumption pattern only. But, they do not know that weight gain is not only due to the poor eating habits but there are various other factors too which contribute in weight gain like genetic factors.

    Many obese people suffer from the abnormal function of Leptin hormone which is a hormone responsible for feeling of satisfaction. When this hormone fails to send signal to brain about food satisfaction, then the person has tendency to eat more which just adds on the weight.

    Eat Less Number of Times to Avoid Calories

    Some people advise that people looking for weight loss must eat less number of times to avoid calories. Though, it is true that less calories means less burden on body for burning calories, but it is better to eat little more number of times. When you tend to eat less number of times, you tend to eat more during one sitting which puts pressure on your metabolism. It also makes you lethargic.

    If you refer some dieticians, then they will always advice you to take at least five short meals in a day. This will keep you energetic and will also avoid burden on your body metabolism. However, taking small meals at a time does not imply taking fast foods like burger, pizza as such foods do not get digested easily.

    When you read various methods of loosing weight across the internet, then it is better to join some weight loss forums as many weight loss related myths and success stories gets posted there. By joining like minded people in forums, you can remain motivated and can reach your goal soon.

  • Fitness Tips

    Tips to Follow During Your Weight Loss Journey

    When you start to think of weight loss, then you may initially come across many ideas either through the internet, through friends or relatives etc. If you tend to apply these ideas haphazardly, then the chances of failure are greatly increased. Weight loss plan requires consistency and a clear focus. You must sort out some tips and ideas and then follow it sincerely to achieve results. In this article, we will provide you with some weight loss tips to get started with:

    1) Videos and Photos

    The first thing which you require during your weight loss journey is consistent motivation. In the initial stages, the level of motivation is high but this motivation level fades with time. So in order to make sure that you remain consistently motivated towards your goal, it is essential to keep materials which would remind you and guide you towards achieving your weight loss goals. For this, you must arrange photos and videos of people who have successfully lost weight. Every two or three days, you must revisit these photos and videos in order to regain your confidence.

    2) Positive and Negative List

    Make a list of the positive things which you can achieve after weight loss. Simultaneously, also maintain a list of the negatives which you are currently facing due to being overweight or obese. While the list of negatives will push you towards weight loss, the list of positives will act as a pull factor for weight loss. Combinedly, this pull and push factors will help you in reaffirming your goals.

    3) Eat More Proteins

    There are three ways by which proteins help you towards weight loss goals.

    A) In order to digest the protein which you are taking, your body has to burn many calories. This means that your body’s metabolism for burning fat is increased because of proteins.

    B) Protein keeps you feel fuller for longer periods, hence you tend to eat less if you increase the intake of protein in your diet.

    C) Protein also boosts up the body metabolism which is a plus point for burning fat.

    4) Drink More Water

    If you don’t drink enough water, then many functions of the kidneys in your body get transferred to the liver which makes the liver to perform extra work thereby overburdening it. Since a well functioning liver is essential for burning fat, hence this potential of the liver is greatly reduced if it has to do additional functions taken over by the kidney. So, make sure that you drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day.

    These are some of the tips by following which you can get substantial results for your weight loss desire.